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Roadway Drainage and Runoff Study

Jones River, KingstonThe planning process must take into account the impact of human development on the natural environment. The creation of new subdivisions and roads, an increasing population, greater energy expenditures - all of these things impact the environment in some way. These effects can be far-reaching, and may not be immediately apparent after development. Old Colony Planning Council considers these facts during the course of all planning activities, monitors land use throughout the region, and reviews and comments on Environmental Notification Forms (ENFs) and Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs). Recommendations may be made on projects aimed at reducing pollution, restoring and protecting the natural environment and animal habitat, promoting alternative methods of transportation such as bicycle and public transit, encouraging the use of clean alternative fuels, or using recyclable materials for new transportation infrastructure.

Additionally, OCPC began a Climate Change Transportation Impact Study in FFY 2010. This study, influenced by the effects of the March 2010 rain storms that caused flooding throughout the region, will be released on our Reports page in the near future. It aims to address at-risk areas in our region and to make recommendations of preventative methods to mitigate natural disasters caused by the effects of climate change. The insights gained from this project are currently being extended as part of a Roadway Drainage and Runoff Inventory.

2013: Town of Halifax Stormwater Mapping Assistance Project

In an effort to bring our region's towns up to date on the requirements of the , OCPC undertook a data collection and mapping project in the town of Halifax. The Halifax Stormwater Mapping Assistance Project Report describes the process that OCPC used to build a comprehensive GIS stormwater database for the community.

2012: The State of Stormwater Mapping in the OCPC Region

The 2012 Roadway Drainage and Runoff study examines the progress our communities have made towards fulfilling the requirements of the , which is set to be issued soon. The OCPC region is comprised of communities of varying size and resources, and as a regional entity, OCPC is available to assist in the data development required by the permit. The State of Stormwater Mapping the OCPC Region details what is required by the communities, how they are currently complying with the regulations, and what OCPC can do to help.

2011 Roadway Drainage and Runoff Study

The Roadway Drainage and Runoff study intends to build upon the insights gained in the Climate Change Transportation Impact Study, to explore the potential effects that climate change-related events could possibly have on the transportation network and on the natural environment, and to explore the condition of the storm water drainage network in these problem areas. The study connects the potential impacts discussed in the Climate Change Transportation Impact Study with adaptation measures designed to keep our transportation infrastructure functioning properly while enhancing the quality of our valuable natural resources.

2010 Climate Change Transportation Impact Study

The 2010 Climate Change Transportation Impact Study examined the topic of climate change and the range of possible effects that extreme weather events could have on the transportation infrastructure of our region. The study also discusses ways that the Old Colony Planning Council can help to reduce the impact of climate change.

Previous OCPC Environmental Initiatives

Upper Taunton River Regional Wastewater Evaluation Project:
The Old Colony Planning Council is a partner in a cooperative regional initiative to address wastewater issues in the Upper Taunton River basin. Maps, presentations, and more information is available at the project's web site.